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Deli Selections

Our deli is your one-stop shop for both your family’s deli needs. Sandwich Meats, Cheeses, MTO Hoagies, Salads, Wraps,  grab-and-go food items for busy weeknights or getting lunch during the workday, and great food for larger events!

Sliced Deli Meats and Cheeses At The Deli Counter

We offer a large selection of high-quality sliced deli meats and cheeses, including offerings from everyone’s favorite deli brands John F. Martin, Walnut Creek, and Kretchmar. Some of the premier deli selection providers in Pennsylvania.

Bulk Deli Discounts

One of our customers’ favorite deli options, is bulk discounts on deli products:

● When you buy a whole roll of meat or cheese sliced, we provide a $0.30/pound discount.
● When you purchase a whole roll of meat or cheese Unsliced, get a $0.60/pound discount.

We love providing flexibility for our community, and this bulk option is just one way we try to accommodate the many and varied customers we work with.

Deli Meat and Cheese Trays

We make hosting your next corporate event, church get-together, or family gathering easy!

Our deli meat and cheese trays have become a popular choice among our customers, Select three meats and cheeses of your choice in your tray!

●12-inch (serves 12 people)
●16-inch (serves 20 people)
●18-inch (serves 25 people)

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